Christmas on Euclid Ornaments

In 1983 the Craft Fair known as Christmas on Euclid started a long running tradition.  On the first Saturday in December the median of historic Euclid Avenue is taken over vendors selling their crafts.  The first year there were 65 vendors; by 1998 there were over 450.  Not only was the annual event drawing thousands of people to attend but it was a large fund raiser for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce that had taken on the planning and organization.

In 1987 the idea to create and sell ornaments to help raise funds for the restoration and maintenance of the Nativity statues was launched.  Every year a new ornament bearing the likeness of one of the Nativity scenes was sold at the Christmas on Euclid event.  The original goal was to create 12 ornaments, known as glass orbs, since there were 12 Nativity scenes so in 1998 the plan was to end the ornaments and the full set would become a collectors’ item.

In 2014 by popular demand it was decided to create new ornaments and continue the Christmas on Euclid Ornament tradition.